Final Round of RGV STEM Faculty Institute


Final Round of RGV STEM Faculty Institute

Faculty from across the Valley attended the last cohort meeting on Oct. 6, 2016 (photo STC)
Faculty from across the Valley attended the last cohort meeting on Oct. 6, 2016 (photo STC)

Institute Cohort III begins July 25

South Texas College’s STEM Faculty Institute will take place over the course of seven days throughout the summer and fall. The program is for faculty from across the Valley, providing intensive training with the intent to enrich students’ learning experience. The sessions are held July 25-28 in the summer, and also Sept. 28-29 and Nov. 2 in the fall.

The Institute seeks to introduce new concepts in STEM through highly specialized training being provided by staff at STC.

“We’ll be taking a close look at our leadership in the classroom and with our fellow faculty; our use of active learning strategies in the classroom, and also learning from and partnering with local industry, and each other, to better inform our students as to how their classroom success is part of the educational pathway to a promising and successful career,” says Rachael Brown, STEM accelerator professional development coach and associate professor at South Texas College.

Educate Texas awarded STC an $800,000 grant to help support the training of approximately 200 faculty over three years. The goal is to align curriculum between K-12 dual enrollment and higher education institutions to increase interest in STEM. It also aims to help students successfully complete a STEM-focused program of study. Healthcare and computer information technology are the primary focuses.

Through the program, the mission will be to provide training as well as community and industry collaboration to benefit more than 200 RGV-area faculty and more than 40,000 STEM students across the Rio Grande Valley. STC will serve as the catalyst, urging students to move forward with their completion of certificates, associates and bachelor degrees over the term of the TRSDA and beyond.

The program begins on July 25 at the South Texas College Pecan Campus Cooper Center. It features two industry panels with leaders from both Information Technology and Healthcare. The Institute then continues Wednesday through Friday at the Weslaco Economic Development Corporation Building.

For more information on becoming a part of Cohort III, visit or call Project Director Valerie Gamez at 956-872-3545. A minimum of a master’s degree is required to enroll.