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JC Cruz is an Executive Coach, Conflict Solutions Specialist, and Organizational Consultant specializing in team development, employee behavior, and workplace harmony. He served 16 years as Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for South Texas College before entering private practice in 2014.

The Art of Leaving Nothing Unsaid

Leaving Nothing Unsaid

“Leave nothing unsaid” may seem an odd piece of advice for a leadership and management column. In today’s media rich world – where words can be quickly immortalized and just as quickly regretted – the fear to keep silent and reserved may be high. Sage voices of the past have often suggested discretion and wisdom over hasty expression, such as this from Benjamin Franklin: “Remember not only to say the…

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Speaking with a Leader’s Heart

Leader's heart

Communication is key “Did I wake you?” “No, I’ve been awake for a bit,” I say. A friend is on the phone. He’s an attorney. “Good. I don’t have court until 8 a.m., but I’m already here,” he says. It’s 7 a.m. “I’m catching up on my voicemail and writing a few notes to myself.” We chat for a moment, toss a few project ideas back and forth, share an…

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Leadership: Crafting a Resilience Mindset 

resilience graphic

“It is within our power to be unconquerable.” Seneca (4 B.C. – 65 A.D.). When Roman philosopher Seneca spoke these words, he was referring neither to our bodies nor our positions in life. He was referring to the power of our minds. Stoicism was a way of life for Seneca, and he taught it to all who would listen. Stoicism is the practical everyday philosophy of virtue and self-discipline introduced by the…

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The Dark Side of Transformational Leadership

What influence does an inspirational speech about company mission and vision from a CEO have on the ethical behavior of employees? According to the research, a great deal. Transformational leadership, the practice of influencing the behavior of others to implement monumental change and new direction using a synergistic style of engagement and team building, is highly touted for its positive results. Mention just a few role models of transformational leadership…

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